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A Fishy Dishy

Dinner time when you're on a diet or detox can be such a pain.. It's hard to know what to avoid.  It's even harder to come up with exciting and inventive ways to jazz up your normal mealtimes.

For me I know something I struggle with the most is adding more fish to my diet.  Eating salmon is the easiest way but I find it tiresome and boring.. I decided to go all out this week and make MONKFISH.. Yes I said it! I've never even eaten Monkfish anywhere out of a restaurant so this was a really daring adventure but OMG it's changed everything!

Take a fillet of monkfish and literally wrap parma ham around it pop it in the oven and you are done!  The saltiness of the ham mixed with the fresh meaty taste of the fish is simply divine!

You must try this and let me know how much you loved it!